Turman Super Premium Wood Pellets

Product Information:

Be prepared to hunt for these pellets, as they are no longer a well kept industry secret. Why are Turman Wood Pellets so darn good? It all comes down to the high quality of the raw materials used in the production process. Remember that the Turman Company is a hardwood flooring manufacturer that produces wood pellets for the sole purpose of disposing the sawdust generated in their hardwood flooring facility. This is the only 100% Oak wood pellet in the industry and Turman wood pellets are the industry’s reigning champion! If you are not burning Turman Wood Pellets, it’s probably because you have never tried them before. Be prepared to spend a tad more for these little darlings, but in the end, youll be glad that you did. If you have been having trouble burning other brands of pellets, try Turman. And if burning these gems don’t solve your problems, then simply throw your stove into the lake! They are that good.

Chemical Analysis:

  • Super Premium Grade
  • Ash Content Less than 0.25%
  • Moisture Less than 4%
  • Heat Value ~9,000 BTU/lb (dry basis)
  • Fines Less than 0.5%

Pellet Quality: