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Welcome to AllAboutWoodPellets.com The first thing that you will notice about our website is that there are no paid advertising spots on this site from any wood pellet manufacturer, nor will there ever be.

You see, AllAboutWoodPellets.com is void of any pellet manufacturers’ influence in our reviews. This has enabled us to become the most trusted source in wood pellet reviews for now and for years to come. We are absolutely committed to disallowing the all mighty advertising dollars influence our reviews in any way.

Started in 2009, AllAboutWoodPellets.com was created to assist wood pellet burners in finding and choosing the wood pellets that enable them to not only feel good and warm, but to feel good about their decision to heat with wood pellets. Let’s face it; heating with a pellet stove is a great way to save money but they are not maintenance free. Choosing the right pellet can mean the difference between loving your stove versus fighting with it all winter long. Anyone who has tried to save a dollar by buying cheap wood pellets can attest to the fact that there is no real savings in doing so. Yet, those who” go for the gold” when selecting their wood pellets will all agree that they tend to have a passionate love affair with their stoves year after year. There really is that much of a difference among the plethora of wood pellets that consumers have to choose from!

So welcome to our site. We here at AllAboutWoodPellets.com hope that you find this information most useful in selecting your wood pellets and we hope that we can help transform your stove from just another appliance into yet another loved member of your family!