Barefoot Premium Plus Wood Pellets

Product Information:

To understand Barefoot Wood Pellets, first you must understand the Barefoot Company. They are not a wood pellet company, they are a hardwood flooring manufacturer. Therefore, the only reason that they make wood pellets is to dispose of the sawdust generated in the hardwood flooring facility. What you get is one of the cleanest, hottest wood pellets in the industry. And because they use their own sawdust, the consistency of your pellets will be met with pin point precision batch after batch after batch.

Are you contemplating getting Barefoot Wood Pellets?…Do yourself a favor and order some right now! There are a good handful of dealers scattered throughout the northeast.

Chemical Analysis:

  • Super Premium Grade
  • Ash Content Less than 0.4%
  • Moisture Less than 5%
  • Heat Value 8900-9100 BTU/lb
  • Fines Less than 0.5%

Pellet Quality: