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As the Northeast’s most trusted wood pellet authority, we are your independent resource for finding the best wood pellets in Connecticut, Massachusetts and throughout the Northeast. Many new and veteran wood pellet stove owners become overwhelmed at the number of choices that they have when selecting wood pellets. Like most customers, you probably have relied on “advice” from the store that sells wood pellets, only to be lead into buying whatever that particular shop happened to be selling. Quite often, you will be lead to believe that they are selling “The Best” wood pellets available.

Do not be fooled, just click on your state (Connecticut, Massachusettes, etc..) below and find what wood pellets will be available in your state and where to buy them! We will show you reviews on wood pellets and our own “multi-dimensional” grading system will enable you to choose the best wood pellets that your money can buy.

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Selecting Your Wood Pellets ..Where Should I Start?

Always burn good wood pellets.

We are aware that price can often be a driving force in how a customer selects their wood pellets, but believe us, low quality wood pellets is the leading factor that contributes to poor wood pellet stove performance or outright failure.

In 2011, the average price for a wood pellet stove (including the vent kit, pipe and installation) exceeded $3900. Why would you spend this kind of money on a high-end quality wood pellet stove and then try and save a few bucks when buying your wood pellets. It is absolutely dollar foolish. This folks, can mean the difference between loving your new stove versus fighting with it all winter.

Just trust us on this one- Click on your state on the map above to see the great wood pellets available in your area.

Selecting a Dealer ..As Important As Selecting Your Wood Pellets

The best advice that we can offer you here is to select a wood pellet dealer that stores their wood pellets indoors. Storage and handling is often the most important factor in how your wood pellets will perform. Aside from the problems of absorbing precipitation or atmospheric moisture, there are other issues to contend with. Wood pellets that have been stored outdoors may look fine, but they can present problematic nightmares to your stove. All wood pellets come in plastic bags (usually 40lbs in the United States) and the bags are stacked on pallets and covered with a plastic hood for added protection. It only takes a small hole to allow seepage into your wood pellets and turn a small handful of fuel into sawdust. Once this is poured into the wood pellet stove, it could potentially jam your stove’s auger motor or worse yet, burn it out. Now, you are looking at a repair bill anywhere from $200 - $400.

"Premium" vs "Super Premium" Grade Wood Pellets

When shopping for your wood pellets, you are certain to encounter these two terms from some slick salesman trying to sell you his "bill of goods."

Yet, we have found that most wood pellet "sales professionals" spewing out these terms are actually unclear as to what they really mean. Basically, "Premium" grade wood pellets will leave a residual of less than one percent ash by weight once they are fully burned. Now, although some wood pellets have less ash than others, the term “Premium” grade can be very misleading. A wood pellet with one percent ash content will produce 6.4 ounces per bag or 20 lbs of ash per ton. Now picture the mess you would have to clean after burning a ton of wood pellets and having 20 lbs of ash left over- That’s almost two five-gallon buckets! Frustratingly, even some of the worst performing wood pellets on the market can meet the under-achieving "Premium" grade standard.

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