Northern Warmth Super Spruce


Product Information

(Formerly known as Okanagan Platinum)

Hands down, one of the absolute best pellets on the market. Northern Warmth Wood Pellets comes into the northeastern United States in bulk on a train. From there they get off-loaded to the industry's most state-of-the-art facility and sifted to clean out all of the dust and tightly bagged right there in MA. This is not cheap and this is not easy to do but the result is one of the most dust-free pellets on the market. All this effort, if for any other pellet, would probably not be worth it but these Super Spruce are as clean as a whistle and as hot as a Kardashian in an evening dress!

Northern warmth pellets are available in the "Super Spruce" label as well as the "Purely Pine" label. They are both exceptional pellets and we have found very little if any difference in they quality from label to label. Either way, you have one of the industry's best pellets with Northern Warmth.

Chemical Analysis:

  • Super Premium Grade
  • Ash Content Less than 0.3%
  • Moisture Less than 5%
  • Heat Value ~8900 BTU/lb (dry basis)
  • Fines Less than 0.5%



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